Ageism is subtle and very powerful.

It actually is this century’s discrimination. But we don’t know much about it.

And in most cases we don’t even realize how ageist we can be. With ourselves and others.

Expressions like: “You don’t look at all your age” are ageist. While they try to make a compliment, they actually reinforce a bias that at a “certain age” you should look or behave in a certain way. Actually, highlighting that the person is anyway “quite old”.

At the below link, we present a specific initiative that ran in UK’s Vogue Magazine, in partnership with L’OrĂ©al Paris. Is this the right way to talk about Ageism ? We shall see.

It is anyway remarkable that 2 big and credible players of the fashion and beauty industries have come together to launch a different and positive message about age.

Hope this initiative is a pledge to also change regular communications. And not just a marketing one-off.

Check out the Article on Vogue

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