LGBT+ inclusive language

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It is that time of the year when we see Pride week conferences and events happen, companies’ and/or brands’ logos turn rainbow, LGBT+ related capsule collections flourish, amongst other important initiatives.

It is emotionally compelling to see more and more companies genuinely involved and active about LGBT+ Community rights during the month of June.

Rainbow flags are an important symbol about the commitment of making LGBTQI rights high on the companies’ agendas. But they are not enough. LGBT+ people “march” for their rights and visibility 12 months per year, everyday. When they go to work, when they decide to buy a house with their partner, when they bring their kids to school.

Often dealing with inappropriate language or stereotypical representations that still surround them.

This might happen because of the wrong joke cracked by a colleague at the coffee machine, or a casual comment made during a meeting.

If we want to make an extra mile of difference and create a more inclusive work environment, we need to work also on the day by day language we all use.

At D&I Speaking, for instance, we like to speak about “sentimental orientation” vs sexual orientation. A change of word that sheds a different light and helps put things into a different perspective. Making us more aware that what comes into play in LGBT+ relationships are mainly emotions, experiences, feelings. Not just sex. Just like any heterosexual relationship.

And this change of wording might help us realize that we live much more similar relationships that we might think. Moving us forward on the path of inclusion.

So, lets make the language we speak an everyday flag of inclusion.

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